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Insurance Coverage – Its Role In Affordable Dentistry


It’s a popular belief that an individual’s oral health indicates their overall well-being. Dental health and hygiene are also closely related to other body parts. Thus, it’s essential to have regular dental checkups to maintain our oral health.

However, dental treatment, routine checkups, and other procedures can take a considerable chunk of your wallet. This is where dental insurance can help. Insurance coverage is necessary for affordable dentistry.

But if you’re still skeptical about whether to get one, it’s worthwhile to understand that dental insurance is separate from medical insurance. Medical insurance does not compensate for most dental procedures. Still, a person can develop dental or oral health problems anytime. They can occur due to accidents, illness, or poor dental hygiene. With insurance coverage, you can save money through affordable dentistry procedures.

All Smiles Family Dentistry is a reputable dental clinic in Tarzana, CA. We have a team of experienced and skilled dental hygienists and dentists that enhance our patients’ oral health.

We use advanced technology and the latest methods to provide top-quality dental procedures like dental crowns, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and preventive dentistry. Patients with PPO insurance coverage can benefit from affordable dental treatments at our clinic.

Continue reading to learn more about the role of insurance coverage in affordable dentistry.

Insurance Coverage Helps In Preventive Dentistry

Dental insurance mostly covers preventive dentistry treatments like regular checkups, routine cleanings, etc. This can help in avoiding dental issues and costly dental procedures. For example, if tooth decay doesn’t get treatment immediately, it can lead to spending loads of money on root canal treatment in the future.

Most dental insurances cover routine dental checkups at a little to zero additional cost. While many people have assets like their home and car backed up by insurance, they often forget their health.

Research states that oral diseases can increase harmful bacteria in our bodies and aggravate certain conditions like heart problems and diabetes. It’s imperative to get insurance coverage for affordable dentistry. This allows people to maintain their oral health while staying within budget.

An assistant checking a patient's dental insurance

It Covers Expensive Dental Procedures

Everyone should visit their dentist at least two times a year. However, doing so can be expensive. Whether you need a routine dental checkup or extensive dental treatment – dental insurance can help you save plenty of dollars.

Dental insurance coverage can extend to more expensive dental procedures like root canals, crowns, and implants. These treatments can be costly, and having insurance can make them more affordable for patients who require them.

Insurance Coverage Helps In Enhancing Dental And Overall Health

Bad oral health causes tooth loss and gum diseases. It can also lead to other health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Gum diseases or untreated cavities can also infect other body parts as well. Dental insurance covers some dental treatments and helps prevent these dangerous issues from developing.

Apart from getting dental insurance, we all should maintain good oral habits like flossing daily, brushing two times a day, and having regular dental checkups. Dentists can identify the problem and create a treatment plan to tackle it.

A dentist showing Invisalign braces to a patient

Dental Insurance Connects Patients With Qualified Dentists

Most dental insurance plans have a network of dentists contracted to provide dental services to policyholders. These dentists have agreed to accept the insurance plan’s fees, typically lower than they would charge without insurance. This means that policyholders can receive quality dental care from a network dentist at a reduced cost.

It’s important to understand that dental emergencies can arise unexpectedly and can be expensive to treat. With dental insurance, patients can be at peace knowing they have coverage for dental emergencies, such as a broken tooth or a severe toothache.

Dental office in Tarzana

All Smiles Family Dentistry Accepts PPO Insurance To Provide Affordable Dentistry To Patients

PPO insurance is one of the most widely accepted dental plans. Thus, we accept most PPO insurance plans as they allow patients to choose their dentist and get reimbursement for their treatment. The insurance coverage helps in affordable dentistry as patients are only required to pay a fraction of the total cost, like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance.

Our dentists are skilled in the latest dentistry methods to help patients receive optimum treatment. Our team creates specialized dental plans to target patients’ requirements based on their dental history and condition.

We offer top-quality treatment for dental crowns, bridges, implants, and many others.

Visit our dental office Tarzana or contact us for more information.

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