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Always at Your Dental Best with Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry approaches help our clients maintain the upkeep of their oral health and prevent the manifestation of life-threatening conditions.

Preventive Dentistry at All Smiles Family Dentistry

We excel at implementing preventive strategies with the help of our clients to preserve your dental health and inhibit the onslaught of dental issues. Our smart practices and proactive approaches also prevent the progress and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions. In preventive dentistry, we recommend various testing, screening, and practical applications to combat various oral problems.
X-ray imaging, cancer screening, and regular cleaning is a part of our preventive dentistry. Regular cleaning is one of the most critical steps in maintaining good oral health and preventing the onset of oral diseases.
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Our Key Services in Preventive Dentistry

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Regular Cleaning

Most of the people we meet and check don’t fully understand the benefits and scope of regular cleaning. Effective cleaning goes a long way in maintaining your oral health. Regular cleaning includes removing tartar, sticky plaque, and other bacteria that form on the teeth. These elements eventually cause inflammation in the teeth.

We provide professional dental cleaning services performed by certified dental hygienists. The cleaning process includes the removal of tartar plaque and polishing the teeth to give them a new and fresh look. Not only does this refresh your teeth, but also gives them better health. However, professional cleaning must be followed with regular cleaning at home. That is why we call preventive dentistry a cooperative exercise wherein the dentists and clients work together towards a common goal.

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X-Ray Imaging

Our second preventive dentistry tool is X-ray imaging to provide your dentists with valuable information about your oral health. We take X-rays during regular dental exams and use the results to analyze your dental health. Through X-rays, our dentists at All Smiles Family Dentistry can detect abnormalities to create a bespoke treatment or reformative plan.

X-rays help us find the following information about your dental health;

  • Presence of abscesses or cysts
  • Actual or potential bone loss
  • Presence of cancerous or non-cancerous tumors.
  • Tooth decay
  • Any presence of oral abnormalities
  • Variation in tooth or root position
  • Problems with the gum line
When one X-ray can help us find out the presence of any of these issues, we always recommend our clients take one X-ray. When tooth or dental health problems are detected at an early stage, it becomes easier to start the treatment early.

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Cancer Screening

A short, painless exam for cancer screening is a crucial step in preventive dentistry. The exam includes an in-depth screening of the mouth insides to find out red or white colored patches or mouth sores. In addition to this, we also check the neck and mouth tissues for lumps or any other type of abnormalities indicative of cancer.

When detected earlier, cancer is most treatable. With our expertise in this field, we help our clients get effective treatment at the right time and manage the condition to prevent any mishappening. In addition to conducting a simple exam, if needed, we also use special diagnostic tools and tests to investigate further.

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Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry at All Smiles Family Dentistry is executed with three services as we have discussed above. The benefits of contacting us for these services include;
  • Lowers Risk of Disease Development: With proactive screening, investigation, and testing, we can successfully prevent disease development. Issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems can be prevented with timely and regular screenings.
  • Leads to Good Oral Health: With professional and at-home regular cleaning, individuals can benefit from good oral health. Building hygienic oral health maintenance habits makes your teeth stronger and immune to dental conditions.
  • Lowers Treatment Cost: The treatment costs when a disease or condition has just begun is always less compared to the cost when it is deeply rooted into the body. Hence, preventive dentistry helps save costs, manage the disease with better results, and causes less pain. 
  • Does not Let Dental Conditions Become Chronic: Effectively addressing dental issues on time won’t make the condition adverse. It will stop it from going chronic and causing further issues. 

Why Choose All Smiles Family Dentistry for Preventive Dentistry?

At All Smiles Family Dentistry, we bring the best of dental care, analysis, screening, management, and treatment to your perusal. Our dental experts, hygienists, cosmetologists, and dentists provide comprehensive treatment to the clients while adhering to their unique needs and requirements.

Commitment to Prevention

Our purpose of providing preventive dentistry services is to help our clients maintain good oral health. In addition to offering preventive services, we prepare a bespoke preventive care plan for our clients.

Usage of Latest Technology

We have the latest technological innovations and advancements assisting dental professionals to provide efficient care. We leverage technology to conduct comprehensive exams and screening, leading and providing effective treatment plans.

Knowledgeable Staff and Dentists

Our in-house dentist panel consists of some of the best professionals in the country. Where the dentists bring their expertise, they are assisted by an expert and learned staff assisting them in providing expert care.


The team at All Smiles Family Dentistry has always made me feel comfortable despite my fear and apprehensions about getting treatment from dentists. I have always gone for regular cleanings and screenings, which give me peace of mind and create effective management plans.
I am impressed with All Smile Family Dentistry's commitment to preventive care. My dentist takes his time to conduct a comprehensive checkup and develops a personalized preventative care plan just for my needs.
The accommodating staff and learned dentists at All Smiles Family Dentistry have always been my first choice for all dental needs. Their preventive dentistry services have helped me maintain good oral health.
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