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Preventive Dentistry services offered in Tarzana CA

Preventive dentistry is the foundation of good dental health. Robert Khanian, DDS, and the team at All Smiles Family Dentistry in Tarzana, California, are passionate about the importance of preventive dental care and strive to ensure all patients take advantage of the preventive approach. To schedule your next professional exam, call the office or request one online today.

Preventive Dentistry Q & A

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry focuses on preventing dental health problems and identifying areas of concern in their earliest possible stages. The primary source of preventive dentistry services is attending your routine dental exam appointments. 

These visits allow your dental care team to check your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues for signs of decay or disease. They’re also where you receive your professional teeth cleanings, which for many people, are the best part of their overall dental care!

How often should I schedule preventive dental care visits?

For most adults and children, coming in for dental exams every six months is a great approach. This schedule allows time for issues to be detected before they develop into significant dental concerns. 

Dental decay is a prime example. When a cavity is in its early stages, interventions like sealants or shallow fillings can correct the problem with little-to-no loss of tooth tissue. 

Gum disease is another area where preventive care can help by identifying the early signs of gingivitis before it develops into periodontal disease. Your dental care team can help you develop oral hygiene habits that can actually reverse gum disease when caught in the early stages. 

Far too many people wait to schedule a visit with the dentist until an issue arises. This approach fails to take advantage of all that preventive dentistry has to offer and can lead to added expense and discomfort that could have been avoided. 

What role does preventive care play in oral cancer?

Oral cancer is more common than many people think, and it can have serious negative outcomes if not treated early. During your routine dental exams, Dr. Khanian checks all oral tissues for signs of tissue abnormality. 

If he identifies an area of concern, a biopsy can determine if precancerous changes are underway or if cancer is present. This helps you get on a treatment path as quickly as possible, which often increases the chances of a successful outcome. 

If you’re overdue for a dental exam, call the office to schedule a visit at All Smiles Family Dentistry, or request one online today.