Urgent Care for Your Smile: Emergency Dentist in Woodland Hills

When you have a dental emergency, such as an infection, a broken tooth, or a knocked-out tooth, visit our emergency dentist in Woodland Hills immediately. At All Smiles Family Dentistry in Encino, CA, we provide emergency dental care in addition to our regular dental services.

Robert Khanian
Robert Khanian
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Our cutting-edge dental facility is equipped to handle a wide range of urgent care needs, including but not limited to the following:

Broken teeth

Have you recently chipped or had your teeth knocked out in an accident? Don’t wait any longer to get help. Make an appointment with our dentist right away. We’ll resolve that matter promptly. Any delay might result in the loss of a tooth forever.

Emergency Dentist Woodland Hills
Dental Crowns & Bridges


Tooth pain can be excruciating, and it often escalates to an unbearable extent. A dental emergency needs immediate attention, so it’s best to look for warning signs as soon as possible. And no, pain medication won’t solve the issue. It could make you feel better temporarily, but the underlying issue that triggered your discomfort will still be there, and it might even become worse. Never give in to the false hope that the pain will subside on its own. You need a professional to take a look and find the right treatment to eliminate the pain.

Infections and cavities

Neglecting the discomfort and other indicators of dental issues might lead to infection. If you’re experiencing any problems with your teeth in the Encino area, don’t wait to see one of our dentists right away.

Dental Crowns & Bridges
Dental Crowns & Bridges

Gap in teeth

The loss of a crown or filling can cause gaps between teeth. In reality, nobody enjoys the discomfort of a noticeable gap in their teeth. It’s a source of insecurity for many, so acting quickly to resolve the issue is crucial.

Need emergency dentist services in Encino, CA?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our dental office. While we encourage appointments, walk-ins are possible in the case of an emergency.