Regain Your Lost Tooth and Bright Smile: A Guide to Crowning And Bridges


A dazzling smile is often considered one of the most attractive features a person can possess. However, various factors can sometimes lead to tooth loss, leaving individuals self-conscious and hesitant to rock their smiles. In such instances, dental advancements like dental crowns and dental bridges come to the rescue, offering a second chance at flaunting a complete and […]

Restore Your Brightest Smile: Exploring the Secrets of Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Are you tired of hiding your smile because of stained teeth? Have you tried over-the-counter whitening products only to find they deliver less-than-stellar results? If so, it’s time to consider professional teeth whitening. This blog will reveal eight secrets about professional teeth whitening that you probably didn’t know and why it might be the best […]

Inlays and Onlays as Cosmetic Solutions for Tooth Damage

Inlays and Onlays

As you sit across from your cosmetic dentist, you might be listening to a medley of dental terms that feel alien to you. Filling, bonding, crowns, veneers – the list goes on. Among these terms, you’ve probably heard of two options that piqued your interest: inlays and onlays. These are versatile, aesthetically appealing, and an […]

How to Handle Common Dental Crises and Seek Immediate Care


A dental crisis can come unexpectedly causing severe pain and stress. If common dental emergencies are left untreated they can lead to further damage. However, knowing what to do in the event of a dental crisis will help you respond calmly and get the care you need faster. When hit by any dental issue, you should […]

Regaining Confidence With Customized Tooth Replacement

A woman getting a dental checkup from All Smiles Family Dentistry's Dr. Khanian

Smile is a great asset. Possessing self-confidence and radiating it via one’s smile is a priceless quality. However, losing teeth or having any other dental issue, such as cracked or broken teeth, can have a devastating effect on our confidence and social interactions. Thankfully, modern dental technology has made room for individualized tooth replacement solutions that […]

Transform Your Smile with Dental Veneers: A Comprehensive Overview

A woman getting a dental checkup from All Smiles Family Dentistry for dental veneers

Feeling held back by your smile can be one of the most confidence-crushing elements one has to deal with. An unattractive smile can take over a person’s entire personality. A smile has an impact on your self-assurance, sense of worth, and first impressions. Dental veneers are a life-changing option for anyone self-conscious about their teeth due […]

Understanding 11 Types of Dental Restorations

A woman getting a dental checkup from All Smiles Family Dentistry's Dr. Khanina

Dental restorations are processes to fix or restore a decayed, broken, or lost tooth. These dental issues are quite prevalent. Millions in the US alone, for example, have a missing tooth. So, if your teeth are damaged or decayed, you may need a dental restoration to restore their form, function, and wellness. Dental restorations, provided by All […]